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I love getting feedback.


Please, if you buy one of my paintings, send me a quick message with feedback on the painting once you receive it. Your feedback will be posted on this page and also attached to the copy of your painting.


Please also feel free to leave feedback once you have wandered around the site.









Feedback received

"I was looking at some KISS FAN ART WORK one day and came across the art work of Grant Armstrong. I was so amazed at the incredible  detail that he put onto canvas. I had to contact him because I really really loved the painting of Ace so much I asked Grant if he would like to give it to ACE FREHLEY himself. Grant couldn't believe it & in today's world of lies, cheats & thieves who would, right? Well, Grant & I are now very good friends ( I consider him one of my best friends) and this Friday, April 24, Grant will be giving his painting to ACE like I told him he would be doing a year & a half ago .  Also on May 7th 2015 I will be handing Peter Criss this painting Grant did for Peter after finding out Peter will be here in Arizona (all thanks to my good friend Danny Stanton, Peter Criss's Manager). Also Grant painted Ryan Roxie, guitarist for Alice Cooper's Band and Alice Cooper himself and will be handing them paintings he did for them on May 9. And I will be handing Aerosmith's Steven Tyler SuperTyler, a concept I came up with for Steven and his love for SUPERMAN .

Grant even painted one for ME of Steven Tyler (AEROSMITH) to thank me for making this happen way before it did... it is ALL coming together after a YEAR & a half that Ace (April 24th) Peter (May 8th) & Alice Cooper & Ryan Roxie of course  Steven Tyler (June 13th in Arizona) will be receiving the paintings Grant Armstrong did for each of them" - Bazooka Joe Fields, Chandler, AZ


"Just over the moon about my painting of the God of Thunder that Grant did for me. Hangs very proudly on my lounge wall :)" - Andy, Wellington, NZ


"Amazing painting by an amazing artist! I get compliments on it all the time & am proud to have it hanging in my home - keep doing what you do Grant" - Holly, Christchurch, NZ


"Hi there, Hey, I am very happy with your work, you both made the trade very professional. The quality and time taken to make, pack and send was impressive. I have already had numerous comments on how good it looks. I was going to comment on your talent but thought you must get that all the time. If you are just starting out I think you will go along way, once you have your website up and running. Thanks." - Rick p.s. good price too


"Awesome picture man. Love it. Looks amazing on the wall. : ) I highly recommend Grant to do artwork of your choice. You get friendly prompt service, the painting of Paul Stanley looked pretty fantastic and came to me within days of making final payment and was  well packaged. If you're a KISS fan wanting some artwork done, he's your man." - David


"Hi, I have just hung Grant's caricature of the rock 'n' roll icon, Keith Richards. It is magnificent, full of detail and it just screams at me, reminding me of the life I should have had! Well done, Grant. Great style, great talent." - Ian


"Grant Armstrong aka KissNutArt is an outstandingly talented artist whose understanding and passion for rock bands translates beautifully into fantastic pictures. His vision and his artistic integrity are truly stunning and I wish him all the best for what will surely be a fantastic career in art." - Paul Martin -The Axe Attack