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We raised $4,554.86!!









I think this image of where all the prints went is pretty cool. Click on the map if you want to see more detail.





The 20th of June 2016 saw the end of my Cancer Society of New Zealand Fundraiser.


I handed over a cheque to The Cancer Society of New Zealand for the total of $4,554.86.


I couldn't have done this without the help and support of a lot of people.


Firstly I want to thank my mother, Lyn Armstrong, for the inspiration for doing all this, Happy to say she is winning her fight with Breast cancer.


My darling wife, Tonya Armstrong, for putting up with me for 10 months of this campaign, ideas, and doing the books.


Some great friends for their role in securing sales. Ericka Reed, Tony Inganamort, Joe A Fields, Christopher Cruz, Andy Whiteman, Ryan Barks, you all made it possible to get over the finish line,


And then the buyers, you are all fabulous people who took a chance on a little-known artist from New Zealand and spent your hard-earned money to make my goal of selling 50 prints, something I can be proud of.


A shout out to Megan Rogers of Microfilm for the production of these high quality prints, to my work, PWA Griffin, and my boss, Graeme Dods, who donated all the cardboard tubes the prints were mailed in, and to the fantastic staff at the Papanui Post Shop who sent all my packages on their way and answered my myriad of questions, in particular "Why hasn't it arrived yet?"


Special thanks to Sarah Barnes who was honest enough to say that the print just wasn't her thing, but made a very generous donation.


A special thanks to Peter Criss And Ace Frehley for signing a few special prints.


In summary, sales of prints totalled $7,376.67. Add in donations received of $250 and after deduction of $3,073.10 for printing, postage and the dreaded but unavoidable PayPal fees, a total of $4,553.57 was raised. Due to an administration error on my part, I ended up donating an additional $1.29, hence the cheque given to the Cancer Society today was for $4,554.86.